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Disease relevance of Calciphylaxis


High impact information on Calciphylaxis

  • Intraarticular calciphylaxis with cartilage and synovial calcification was produced in rabbits by oral administration of a single dose of dehydrotachysterol followed by an intraarticular injection of ferrous chloride [6].
  • Although most calciphylaxis patients have abnormalities of the calcium:phosphate axis or elevated levels of parathyroid hormone, these abnormalities do not appear to be fundamental to the pathophysiology of the disorder, and the etiology of calciphylaxis remains unclear [7].
  • PURPOSE: To determine if the natural anticoagulant protein C plays a role in the pathogenesis of systemic calciphylaxis, a syndrome characterized by extensive vascular and soft tissue calcification and skin necrosis, which is similar to that seen in warfarin-induced skin necrosis [1].
  • However, OPN and MGP were expressed at sites of calcification within atherosclerotic lesions and in microvessels in calciphylaxis, suggesting that calcification in different sized vessels may occur by a common mechanism [8].
  • TSP-1 and COMP were also detected in areas of microcalcification in atherosclerotic lesions and TSP-1 was detected adjacent to areas of calcification in calciphylaxis [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Calciphylaxis


Biological context of Calciphylaxis


Anatomical context of Calciphylaxis


Gene context of Calciphylaxis

  • We present the first case of calciphylaxis occurring in a patient with both normal renal function and parathyroid hormone level and discuss the possible aetiological role of chemotherapy-induced functional protein C and protein S deficiency [20].
  • Protein malnutrition increases the likelihood of calciphylaxis, as does warfarin use and hypercoagulable states, such as protein C and/or protein S deficiency [21].
  • METHODS: We present a case of a 26-year-old woman with end-stage renal disease taking intramuscular injections of erythropoietin in whom systemic calciphylaxis subsequently developed [22].
  • However, protein C activity was significantly reduced as measured by chromogenic (p less than 0.01) or anticoagulant assays (p less than 0.01) in patients with calciphylaxis compared with the other three groups [1].
  • The syndrome has been reviewed in the renal, dermatologic, and surgical literature under the term calciphylaxis, which describes a postulated pathogenetic mechanism whereby sensitization to an endogenous or exogenous substance (such as parathyroid hormone) predisposes to calcium deposition after exposure to a challenging agent [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Calciphylaxis


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