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Hookworm Infections

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Disease relevance of Hookworm Infections


High impact information on Hookworm Infections


Chemical compound and disease context of Hookworm Infections


Gene context of Hookworm Infections

  • Patients with polyparasitism including hookworm infection showed significant reduction in CD3 and CD4 cells when compared with controls and with patients with hookworm infection alone [16].
  • Hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450 system during experimental hookworm infection [17].
  • Most of the hookworm infections (73.3%) were light/very light in intensity with a mean EPG of 619 [18].
  • The overall prevalence of STH at post-intervention decreased significantly in both villages, with a greater degree of reduction appearing in ascariosis and hookworm infections in the village where PHC was implemented [19].
  • Our study has clearly established that parasitized atopic individuals have significantly higher levels of IgE and autoanti-IgE than their nonatopic counterparts, and that atopy does not appear to influence accumulated levels of hookworm infection [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hookworm Infections


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