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Volcanic Eruption

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High impact information on Volcanic Eruption

  • Sodium chloride has been recently proposed as an important atmospheric constituent, based on the detection of chlorine in Io's plasma torus and models of Io's volcanic gases [1].
  • Suggestions have ranged from volcanic eruptions of liquid water or solid ice to tectonic deformation, but definitive high-resolution morphological evidence has been lacking [2].
  • A uranium-lead zircon age for a volcanic ash interstratified with fossil-bearing, shallow marine siliciclastic rocks in the Zimnie Gory section of the White Sea region indicates that a diverse assemblage of body and trace fossils occurred before 555.3 +/- 0.3 million years ago [3].
  • A new analytical method for the determination of the sulfur species (SO2, H2S, S8(0)) in volcanic gases is proposed by revising, updating, and improving previous methods [4].
  • All Mexico City PM10 samples, but not volcanic ash, stimulated rat alveolar macrophages to secrete a soluble, upregulatory factor(s) for the PDGF alpha-receptor on early passage rat lung myofibroblasts [5].

Anatomical context of Volcanic Eruption

  • Helens (MSH) eruption of Spring 1980, and minerals similar to the major components of the volcanic ash, were examined comparatively for interactions with epithelial cells of rodent respiratory airways in vitro [6].
  • The organic materials included chicken feces, urea, nitrogenous lime (calcium cyanamide, manure), and material rapidly composted from food garbage in 24-h bacterial fermentation, while the inorganic materials were coal ash and volcanic ash [7].

Associations of Volcanic Eruption with chemical compounds

  • Photocatalytic syntheses of 14C-urea, -formamide, and -formadehyde are effected by irradiation of 14CO and NH3 in the presence of Vycor, silica gel, or volcanic ash shale surfaces [8].
  • Saint Helen's volcanic ash (MSH, control particle), or 0.3 ml saline (SAL, control) [9].
  • In this paper a new and simple defluoridation method is presented using local Kenyan soil derived from volcanic ash (e.g. Ando soils or soils with 'andic' properties) as a fluoride sorbent [10].
  • St. Helens volcanic ash and its potential interaction with sulfur dioxide (SO2), animal studies were performed to determine the acute and chronic health effects of a short-term exposure [11].
  • The purpose of the surveys described here, undertaken between December 1996 and April 2000, was to determine levels of personal exposure of islanders to volcanic ash and cristobalite in order to inform advice on the associated risks to health and the measures required to reduce exposure [12].

Gene context of Volcanic Eruption

  • Both coarse and fine ambient air PM were also found to inhibit LPS-induced TNF release while silica, volcanic ash or carbon black had no inhibitory effect [13].
  • Production of low molecular weight hydrocarbons by volcanic eruptions on early Mars [14].
  • Helens continues during the salvaging of trees in the high dust blow-down area of Washington. We studied the effects of volcanic ash exposure on the level of humoral immune factors IgG, IgA, IgM, C3, C4, and ANA (antinuclear antibody) in a group of volcanic ash-exposed loggers shortly after the major eruption and one year later [15].
  • On the early Earth, Mars, and Jupiter's satellite Europa, several factors would have provided more favorable conditions for hydrocarbon synthesis in volcanic gases than under current terrestrial conditions and might have contributed to the production of organic compounds required for the emergence of life [16].
  • Six medical papyri document how Santorini's volcanic ash from the Bronze Age biphasic eruption, otherwise attested by material retrieved at the bottom of lakes at the edge of the Nile Delta, severely affected the health of the inhabitants of Egypt as well as their society as a whole [17].


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