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Closing Volume

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Disease relevance of Closing Volume


High impact information on Closing Volume

  • METHODS: We assessed 262 consecutive climbers of Monte Rosa (4559 m), before ascent and about 24 h later on the summit 1 h after arriving, by clinical examination, electrocardiography, oximetry, spirometry, carbon monoxide transfer, and closing volume [4].
  • The slope of the alveolar plateau on the closing volume tracing showed a 271% increase 20 minutes after the prostaglandin administration, at which time the closing volume per cent (CV%) had decreased (P less than 0-01) and the closing capacity (CC%) had increased (P less than 0-05) [5].
  • MEASUREMENTS: Measurements of static and dynamic lung volumes, diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide (as measured by the single-breath method), nitrogen slope of the alveolar plateau, and closing volume (as measured by the single-breath O2 test) [6].
  • In two of three smokers the effect of airway pressure on closing volume was abolished by salbutamol [7].
  • The sensitivity of the closing volume to airway pressure could not be reproduced in three non-smokers exposed to a histamine aerosol [7].

Biological context of Closing Volume


Anatomical context of Closing Volume

  • Superoxide anion production by macrophages, studies of small airway integrity (closing volume, closing capacity, and the slope of Phase III of the single-breath nitrogen washout curve), and evaluation of alveolar gas exchange (diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide) were similar in both nonsmokers and marijuana smokers [12].

Associations of Closing Volume with chemical compounds


Gene context of Closing Volume

  • Pulmonary function testing consisted of the single breath nitrogen test (SBN2) to determine the closing volume (CV) and slope of the alveolar plateau, and a maximum expiratory flow volume curve (MEFV) to determine expiratory flow at low lung volumes [17].
  • 2. Immersion in water to the neck resulted in a small but significant fall in VC, FEV 1.0/FVC and TLC, and a rise in DLCO, but flow/volume curves and 'closing volume' were unchanged [18].
  • The closing volume also seems to be abnormal in the early course of the disease, while elevated lysozyme and beta2-microglobulin levels rather seem to reflect the extent of the pulmonary affection [19].


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