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Chemical Compound Review

KST-1A8434     (4S)-5-(4-chlorophenyl)-N- cyclohexyl-4...

Synonyms: AR-1A6092, AC1L2K9Y, AC1Q29OO, AC1Q3NO0
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Disease relevance of Acarflor

  • Hypoxia has marked effects on artery calibre, which reflects important physiological control mechanisms that are altered in disease states [1].
  • At the end of five months the balloon group had significantly more dysphagia and the calibre of the strictures in the balloon group had narrowed by a greater degree [2].
  • The risk of cholangitis, which used to be a major problem with transpapillary introduced prostheses of smaller calibre, seems definitely diminished by using one with a large calibre [3].
  • PATIENT: A 32 year old man with a one year history of constipation and abdominal distention, a massively dilated ascending and transverse colon, and a normal calibre rectum and descending and sigmoid colon [4].
  • Recanalization was achieved in 48 (80%) patients with a residual stenosis of 58.1 +/- 10.8% (mean +/- ISD; range 33-82%) obstruction diameter and a minimum lumen calibre of 1.10 +/- 0.3 mm (range 0.39-1.95 mm) [5].

Psychiatry related information on Acarflor


High impact information on Acarflor

  • 12 supine subjects tilted in 3 degrees increments from 6 degrees leg-down to 12 degrees leg-up showed linear increase in mean peak blood velocity and reduction in calibre in the common femoral vein (colour-duplex ultrasound) [7].
  • There is extensive pharmacological and physiological evidence that endothelin-1 influences airway calibre [8].
  • At follow-up 6 months to 1 year postoperatively (mean 8 months) all had a good calibre urethra [9].
  • In each instance the pancreatic duct was of near normal calibre, and any other procedure would have involved pancreatic resection [10].
  • It is proposed that the headache is due to stimulation of nociceptive nerve-endings in the walls of meningeal vessels (arterioles, venules, and particularly the dural venous sinuses); and that the aura arises from calibre changes in meningeal vessels that penetrate the outer cortex, resulting in localised inhibition or excitation [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Acarflor


Biological context of Acarflor

  • However, in small resistance arteries (100-300 microns), EDHF appears to be a major determinant of vascular calibre under normal conditions, and may therefore be of primary importance in the regulation of vascular resistance [16].
  • The tail probably regulates axonal calibre, with interfilament spacing determined by phosphorylation of the KSP motifs [17].
  • In addition to the well-established role of neurofilaments in the control of axonal calibre, there is increasing evidence that neurofilaments can interact with other cytoskeletal components and can modulate the axoplasmic flow [18].
  • In the over and underperfused regions blood flow fluctuated rapidly because of instability of cerebrovascular tone, defined as transient constriction of the smallest cerebral vessels (arterioles) alternating with a normal calibre for these vessels and/or short periods of vasodilatation [19].
  • Following resection, freshly isolated 50-150 mum diameter arterioles from the "web" and adjacent normal calibre bowel were analysed with histology and microvessel physiological studies [20].

Anatomical context of Acarflor

  • Neurofilaments are one of the major components of the neuronal cytoskeleton and are responsible for maintaining the calibre of axons [21].
  • In all species studied, the microvascular network of the nerve has an unusually large calibre and wide spacing, particularly when compared with that of skeletal muscle [22].
  • Axon calibre is crucial to efficient impulse transmission in the peripheral nervous system [23].
  • MRI scan showed a marked reduction in the calibre of the left trigeminal nerve from the nerve root exit zone in the pons to Meckel's cave [24].
  • The use of bile duct calibre as sole criterion for an abnormal scan improved the specificity (76%) and with a corresponding reduction in sensitivity (66%) [25].

Associations of Acarflor with other chemical compounds

  • This suggests that pulmonary micro-embolism produced a decrease in medium or large airway calibre, which was mediated by a prostaglandin-like substance from lung tissue, and did not require the presence of the vagus nerves [26].
  • Small calibre airway reactivity to different contractile and relaxant agents was tested in vitro using small segments (about 1 mm long and 0.2 mm in internal diameter) of guinea-pig isolated intralobular bronchi [27].
  • The perivascular administration of SCH 23390 (10(-9)-10(-5)M) per se did not alter arteriolar calibre nor the arteriolar dilatation provoked by microinjections of acidic cerebrospinal fluid [28].
  • In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled cross-over study we have investigated the effect of intravenous magnesium on airway calibre and airway reactivity to histamine in 20 subjects with mild to moderate asthma [29].
  • All children participated in an ongoing multicentre study to compare the effects of long-term treatment either with the beta 2-agonist salbutamol (600 plus the inhaled corticosteroid budesonide (600 (BA+CS), or salbutamol plus placebo (BA+PL), on airway calibre, airway responsiveness and symptoms [30].

Gene context of Acarflor


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Acarflor

  • The effects of two pranayama yoga breathing exercises on airway reactivity, airway calibre, symptom scores, and medication use in patients with mild asthma were assessed in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial [36].
  • A limited dilatation was performed initially if a small calibre endoscope was unable to pass through the stricture [37].
  • The small calibre chest tube with a one way valve is recommended as a safe and easy technique [38].
  • Assuming this effect on upper airway calibre is not eliminated by sleep, mandibular advancement oral appliances may reduce the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea by maintaining patency of the velopharynx, particularly in its lateral dimension [39].
  • CONCLUSION: The results suggest that carinal transplantation can succeed if (1) the calibre of the graft is matched with that of the recipient; (2) there is an abundant blood supply to the graft; (3) appropriate immunosuppression is provided; (4) ventilation is adequate during surgery [40].


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