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Needs Assessment

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Disease relevance of Needs Assessment


Psychiatry related information on Needs Assessment


High impact information on Needs Assessment

  • METHODS: Retrospective analysis of routinely collected data, including the Functional Independence Measure (FIM), Barthel Index, and Northwick Park Dependency Score and Care Needs Assessment (NPDS/NPCNA), which provides a generic estimation of dependency, care hours. and weekly cost of continuing care in the community [4].
  • INTERVENTIONS: A modified Society of Critical Care Medicine Family Needs Assessment instrument was used [5].
  • The Substance Abuse Monitor is a comprehensive community-based addictions information system that forms the basis for an innovative approach to community needs assessment [6].
  • These differences provide a needs assessment to identify curricular components for an intervention to permit anabolic steroid use [7].
  • All received a brief needs assessment interview in addition to the standard ASAP evaluation protocol [8].

Biological context of Needs Assessment


Associations of Needs Assessment with chemical compounds

  • To test this hypothesis, a sample of 2,142 college students from 10 midwestern postsecondary educational facilities responded to the Alcohol and Other Drug Use Needs Assessment Survey in the spring of 1990 [11].
  • Community care in South Thames (West) Region: is needs assessment working [12]?
  • This needs assessment was used to plan an education initiative called "Action Nutrition." SCREEN, a 15-item nutritional risk screening instrument, demographic data, participation in current recreation programs, and frequency of visits to the center were included in this survey [13].
  • Latex sensitivity in Washington State acute care hospitals. A needs assessment and survey of awareness of the issues [14].
  • The Ancillary Glucose Testing Program redeveloped by the team offers a model for active needs assessment, participation, quality assurance, ongoing improvement, and laboratory/nursing cooperation that can be applied to any ancillary testing program [15].

Gene context of Needs Assessment


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Needs Assessment

  • AIM: To develop a conversion formula to translate information derived from the NPDS into a generic assessment of care needs in the community -- the Northwick Park Care Needs Assessment (NPCNA) -- and to evaluate its potential as a directly costable measure of outcome in rehabilitation [20].
  • In spring 1995 a postal survey was conducted among all UK hospices and specialist palliative care in-patient units (n = 203) eliciting factual information concerning needs assessment and contracting, together with perceptions and evaluations of the local impact of the NHS reforms [21].


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