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Associations of Unio with chemical compounds

  • Vitelline coat of Unio elongatulus: III. Glycan chain analysis of the 220- and 180-kD components by means of lectins [11].
  • In previous studies we found that sperm binding activity in the vitelline coat of the freshwater bivalve Unio elongatulus is located on the O-linked oligosaccharide chains of gp273, one of the two major components of the extracellular coat, and that fucose plays a key role in this interaction [7].
  • Diethylnitrosamine (DENA) and dimethylnitrosamine (DMNA) dissolved in tank water induced neoplasms in bivalve mollusks Unio pictorum [12].
  • In this study, the effect of toxaphene (camphechlor) on ATPase activity in the microsomal fraction of the Unio tumidus's digestive gland was determined [3].
  • Biological activity of pentachlorophenol on the digestive gland cells of the freshwater mussel Unio tumidus [13].

Gene context of Unio

  • In this study, we evaluated the potential of measuring the accumulation rate of a fluorescent model Pgp substrate rhodamine B (RB) in haemolymph, plasma and haemocytes of the freshwater painter's mussel (Unio pictorum) as additional potentially useful compartments [14].
  • The enzyme has been shown to specifically interact with the mannose 6-phosphate receptor protein (MPR 300) purified from goat and Unio [15].


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