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  • The data relating the sandfly behavior to previous data in the same area provides strong evidence for the occurrence of an enzootic cycle of the parasite, and outbreaks followed the period of training activities in the remaining Atlantic Rain Forest and secondary forest areas [12].
  • Theophylline education: development and evaluation of teaching methods [13].
  • We conclude that if a 4 month course with an enuretic alarm is unsuccessful, rather than using desmopressin, the alarm should be continued with relearning and consideration given to additional use of the dry bed training technique [14].
  • The top four methods teaching suggested for every patient were toothbrushing (100%), use of fluoridated toothpaste (99%), interdental cleaning (98%), and use of xylitol (97%); followed by fluoride varnish (77%) and fissure sealants (54%) [15].

Gene context of Teaching

  • To promote implementation of suicide-preventive activities, the Swedish National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health (NASP) introduced a 200-h academic, postgraduate educational programme (based on the training-of-trainers model) in suicide prevention [16].
  • A curriculum on physician-patient sexual misconduct and teacher-learner mistreatment. Part 2: Teaching method [17].
  • Teaching methods used included the Arthritis Foundation's handbook, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a lecture by a rheumatologist [18].
  • All students were assessed for certain physical (weight and height) and psychological (Eating Attitude Test [EAT]) indices at the start of their academic training year [19].
  • Both CD-ROM and classroom teaching methods were highly rated by students but most students preferred a combination [20].


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