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Pelvic Neoplasms

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Disease relevance of Pelvic Neoplasms

  • Therefore, we investigated the possible effects of sucralfate, an aluminium hydroxide complex of sulfated sucrose used in the treatment of gastric ulcer, in preventing radiation-induced diarrhea and bowel discomfort in patients treated with curative intention for pelvic cancer with external radiotherapy [1].
  • An immunohistochemical study of the expression of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and c-erbB-2 protein was performed in fresh-frozen sections from 30 patients with transitional cell cancers (TCCs) of the upper urinary tract (15 renal pelvic cancers, 15 ureteral cancers) who underwent total nephroureterectomy [2].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: From January 1992 to January 1999, 19 females and 1 male with a history of pelvic neoplasms, which were responsible for ureteral leaks through the nephrostomy tube in 13 cases or fistulas in 7, were treated with transcatheter ethanol renal ablation [3].
  • Phenacetin-based analgesics have been linked to the development of renal pelvis cancer and renal cell carcinoma (RCC) [4].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Enoxaparin prophylaxis for four weeks after surgery for abdominal or pelvic cancer is safe and significantly reduces the incidence of venographically demonstrated thrombosis, as compared with enoxaparin prophylaxis for one week [5].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Pelvic Neoplasms


Biological context of Pelvic Neoplasms


Gene context of Pelvic Neoplasms

  • The proportion of patients with undetectable PSA levels was significantly higher than that of the controls (p < 0.001) but it was not significantly different from those irradiated for other pelvic cancers [15].
  • The spinal administration of opioids may provide analgesia of long duration to patients with bilateral or midline lower abdominal or pelvic cancer pain [16].
  • Limited midline myelotomy has been used to treat intractable pelvic cancer pain [17].
  • Combined neurolytic block of celiac, inferior mesenteric, and superior hypogastric plexuses for incapacitating abdominal and/or pelvic cancer pain [18].
  • Indications for total cystectomy were progression in 7, recurrent multiple tumours in 5, persistent CIS in 2, a contracted bladder in 1, and occurrence of bilateral renal pelvic cancer in 1 [19].


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