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Protozoan Infections

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Disease relevance of Protozoan Infections

  • Unlike parasitic protozoan infection, C. albicans or A. fumigatus infection did not induce significant acute toxicity in IL-10-deficient mice, who, instead, showed reduced fungal burden and fungal-associated inflammatory responses [1].
  • Treatment with rifaximin (600 mg, 3 times a day, for 14 days) was efficacious in resolving the clinical symptoms and clearing protozoan infections in HIV-1 infected patients with CD4 > or = 200/mm3, who presented enteric and systemic symptoms due to Criptosporidium or Blastocystis associated with enteropathogenic bacteria [2].
  • The simultaneous presence of these 4 antigens was specific to the clinical disease and it was not detected in 47 sera from asymptomatic individuals living in the leishmaniasis endemic area of Alpes-Maritimes (southern France) or in 37 sera from patients with other protozoan infections [3].
  • The preeminent infectious threat to unwary tropical travelers, malaria is a preventable, mosquito-borne protozoan infection of red blood cells, which causes fever, anemia, respiratory failure, coma, and death [4].

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