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Chemical Compound Review

myomodulin     (2S)-N-[(1S)-1-[[(1S)-1- [[(1S)-1-[[(1S)-1...

Synonyms: AC1L3X1V, 110570-93-9, Myomoduline A (Aplysia californica)
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Disease relevance of myomodulin

  • Selective modulation of spike duration by serotonin and the neuropeptides, FMRFamide, SCPB, buccalin and myomodulin in different classes of mechanoafferent neurons in the cerebral ganglion of Aplysia [1].

Psychiatry related information on myomodulin


High impact information on myomodulin

  • Motor neuron B15 contains the structurally related small cardioactive peptides A and B, whereas motor neuron B16 contains a different peptide--termed myomodulin [3].
  • Thus it appears that ARC muscle contractions may be regulated by at least three distinct classes of neuromodulators: serotonin, the small cardioactive peptides, and myomodulin [3].
  • In the present study we determined the full amino acid sequence of myomodulin [3].
  • Labeled peptides transported between ganglia included FMRFamide, myomodulin, and pedal peptide [4].
  • In current-clamp experiments, when I(h) is blocked with Cs(+), myomodulin decreases period and increases spike frequency of alternating bursting in synaptically connected oscillator interneurons, suggesting that inhibiting the Na/K pump modulates these burst characteristics [5].

Biological context of myomodulin

  • Finally, these results suggest that the effects of FMRFamide and myomodulin may be mediated by different second-messenger systems [6].
  • Myomodulin-like immunoreactivity is one of the earliest neurotransmitter/neurohormone phenotypes detectable during the development of the locust nervous system [7].
  • FMRFamide and myomodulin reversed these excitatory effects and decreased the duration of action potentials and excitability [6].
  • The glial responses to myomodulin A application persisted in high-Mg2+/low-Ca2+ saline, when chemical synaptic transmission is suppressed, indicating a direct effect of myomodulin A on the glial membrane [8].
  • A peritracheal neuropeptide system in insects: release of myomodulin-like peptides at ecdysis [9].

Anatomical context of myomodulin


Associations of myomodulin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of myomodulin

  • The predicted nlp-1 and nlp-2 neuropeptides have modest similarity to buccalin and myomodulin, respectively [14].
  • These Inka cells release the peptide ecdysis-triggering hormone, which helps elicit ecdysial behavior at the molt, and we show that they are also recognized by the myomodulin (MM) antibody [9].
  • Inka cells also are stained with antisera to myomodulin, FMRFamide and other peptides sharing RXamide carboxyl termini [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of myomodulin


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