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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL443872     2-[(4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethyl...

Synonyms: KST-1A8012, CTK8E0042, AR-1A0021, AC1L2Q2W, AC1Q4PY3, ...
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  • In the same culture conditions as for the fatty acid synthesis assay, cepharanthine, z-FFG and tyrphostin AG17 had no effect on the transcript levels of glucose transporter isoforms (GLUT 1, 4) and hexokinase isozymes (HK I, II) in rat white adipocytes [9].
  • PDGF-BB-stimulated GAG synthesis was abrogated by tyrphostin 9, a PDGF receptor-associated tyrosine kinase inhibitor, implying that the stimulatory effect is mediated via the PDGF beta-receptor (PDGFR) [10].


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