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Chemical Compound Review

Lauramine     dodecan-1-amine

Synonyms: Laurinamine, Laurylamine, DODECYLAMINE, Dodecanamine, dodecyl-amine, ...
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Disease relevance of Amine BB


High impact information on Amine BB


Chemical compound and disease context of Amine BB

  • A Bacillus subtilis strain with a base substitution in the ribosome-binding site of spoVAC was temperature sensitive (ts) in sporulation and spores prepared at the permissive temperature were ts in L-alanine-triggered germination, but not in germination with Ca2+-dipicolinic acid (DPA) or dodecylamine [9].

Biological context of Amine BB

  • The inhibition was overcome by further addition of AA, and it was observed irrespective of whether laurylamine was added before or after the enzyme activation by AA [10].
  • The pretreatment of biomass with common surfactants (as hexadecyl-trimethylammonium bromide and dodecylamine) and a cationic polyelectrolyte was found to improve the biosorption efficiency [11].
  • Spores of a ts spo mutant with a missense mutation in the spoVAC coding region were not ts for germination with l-alanine, dodecylamine or Ca2+-DPA [9].
  • To exclude the possibility that lysosomal hydrolases, rather than iron, caused the observed DNA damage, limited lysosomal rupture was induced using the lysosomotropic detergent O-methyl-serine dodecylamine hydrochloride; subsequently, hardly any DNA damage was found [12].

Anatomical context of Amine BB


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Gene context of Amine BB


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Amine BB


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