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Chemical Compound Review

Cortoran     1,1-dimethyl-3-[3- (trifluoromethyl)phenyl]...

Synonyms: Cotogard, Cottenex, Cottonex, Cotoran, Pakhtaran, ...
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Disease relevance of Cotoran


High impact information on Cotoran

  • Analyses of the metabolites suggest that the CYP71A10 encoded enzyme functions primarily as an N-demethylase with regard to fluometuron, linuron, and diuron, and as a ring-methyl hydroxylase when chlortoluron is the substrate [2].
  • Defluorination of the trifluoromethyl group in FLX and in fluometuron and flutalanil,two other compounds containing this functional group, is suggested to be a common direct photolysis pathway for trifluoromethylated compounds [3].
  • During the second season of monitoring, pesticide half-lives were significantly reduced, with fluometuron exhibiting a half-life of 13.8 days, aldicarb 6.2 days and endosulfan 7.5 days in the open pond [4].
  • Laboratory studies assessed the potential of soils to degrade and sorb atrazine and fluometuron within a recently constructed wetland [5].
  • The release kinetics were fitted to the generalized model for up to 60% release of fluometuron; the kinetics of fluometuron were of the anomalous type for all matrixes in which release rates increased following a delay [6].

Biological context of Cotoran


Associations of Cotoran with other chemical compounds


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