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Chemical Compound Review

Arogenate     1-(2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl)- 4-hydroxy...

Synonyms: Pretyrosine, Arogenic acid, AG-J-04656, SureCN2813983, SureCN9885027, ...
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Disease relevance of Pretyrosine


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Biological context of Pretyrosine


Associations of Pretyrosine with other chemical compounds

  • A novel natural product structurally related to prephenate and arogenate was isolated from a mutant of Neurospora crassa [12].
  • Thus, subgroup Ia species lack an unregulated isozyme of chorismate mutase and arogenate dehydratase, enzymes which are thought to divert chorismate to L-phenylalanine under conditions of high carbon input into aromatic biosynthesis [13].

Gene context of Pretyrosine

  • The molecular weight of arogenate dehydrogenase is about 68,000, and SDS gel electrophoresis indicates a composition of two identical subunits [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pretyrosine


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