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Chemical Compound Review

Arechine     N'-(7-chloroquinolin-4-yl)- N,N-diethyl...

Synonyms: Avloclor, Benaquin, Arequin, Chingamin, Khingamin, ...
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Disease relevance of Chingamin


High impact information on Chingamin

  • Following internalization, 10-15% of the intracellular CSF-1 is rapidly degraded whereas the remaining 85-90% is slowly degraded by a chloroquin-sensitive first order process (t1/2 greater than 3.5 h) [6].
  • This pH gradient was dissipated by the drugs in the rank order MQ greater than CQ greater than Q greater than 7HQ [7].
  • To test this hypothesis, the effects of chloroquine (CQ), quinine (Q) and mefloquine (MQ) on the osmotic stability of human red blood cells exposed to hypotonic solutions have been investigated [8].
  • As an introduction to the Mangochi Malaria Research Project, which examined the efficacy of several antimalarial regimens using CQ or mefloquine in pregnant women in Malawi, we describe the background of knowledge regarding malaria infection in pregnant African women and the important elements of an intervention and prevention strategy [9].
  • When TLR2/4mRNA expression was inhibited by CQ (3 h: 1.037E-4+/-3.299E-6 and 0.026+/-3.462E-3; 6 h: 1.884E-4+/-4.679E-6 and 0.108+/-6.115E-3; 12 h: 2.443E-4+/-7.714E-6 and 0.348+/-6.807E-3; P<0.01), hepatic injuries were relieved, NO concentration in the liver was increased and TNF-alpha concentration was decreased (P<0.05 or P<0.01) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Chingamin


Biological context of Chingamin

  • CQ-resistant parasites are thought to maintain lower intracellular drug levels by means of an active efflux system, similar to that found in multi-drug resistant cancer cells, despite major differences in both the genetic and biochemical manifestations of drug resistance in the two cell types [16].
  • Lake Mälaren is the water supply and recreation area for more than 1 million people in central Sweden and subject to considerable environmental concern [17].
  • Phosphorus in tributaries to Lake Mälaren, Sweden: analytical fractions, anthropogenic contribution and bioavailability [18].
  • Sediment evidence of early eutrophication and heavy metal pollution of Lake Mälaren, central Sweden [17].
  • Mälaren have suffered from N-deficiency, particularly during the pre-phosphorus reduction years, and nitrogen fixation was indicated [19].

Anatomical context of Chingamin

  • Alternatively, CQ-resistance could be linked to a defective CQ uptake mechanism, possibly an impaired acidification process in the food vacuole of the resistant parasite [16].
  • 1. Heart muscle extracts of northern pike from Lake Malaren in Sweden exhibited two electophoretic types of superoxide dismutase, one of which was identified as the cytoplasmic enzyme (s-SOD) and the other as the mitochondrial form (m-SOD) [20].

Associations of Chingamin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Chingamin

  • The four largest Swedish lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren and Hjälmaren all have a tectonic origin with multidirectional fault fissures, which influence the topography of the bottoms and the creation of subbasins [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chingamin

  • Resistance to quinoline containing drugs, particularly chloroquine (CQ), is a major impediment to the successful chemotherapy and prophylaxis of malaria [16].
  • The EOG is more often disturbed in a long-standing chloroquin-induced retinopathy than in the acute phase of intoxication, the reason being progression from a maculopathy to a tapeto-retinal degeneration [24].


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