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Chemical Compound Review

pentaglycine     2-[2-[2-[2-(2- aminoethanoylamino) ethanoyla...

Synonyms: CHEMBL14390, AG-G-77396, G5755_SIGMA, NSC-96353, CHEBI:114248, ...
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Gene context of pentaglycine

  • To explore Arg(19) and the midregion (residues 10-15), we designed the novel PTH scaffold peptide, PG5, which has the PTH(1-9) domain linked to the PTH(15-31) segment via a pentaglycine spacer [16].
  • Lysostaphin is an endopeptidase that cleaves the pentaglycine cross-bridges of the staphylococcal cell wall rapidly lysing the bacteria [17].
  • Sortase B of S. aureus recognizes a motif NPQTN, cleaves the polypeptide after the Thr residue, and attaches the protein to pentaglycine cross-bridges [18].
  • The apparent activation energy of hydrolysis of pentaglycine bridges in Staphylococcus peptidoglycan is 77.9 kJ/mol [19].


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