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Chemical Compound Review

carbane     methane

Synonyms: Carbon-13, Methane-13C, Carbon-13C, Carbon-13 atom, CHEBI:36928, ...
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  • In this study, the logarithm of the isomerization rate to the delta 2 ester (log k12) correlated with the carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shift difference value at C-3 and C-4 of the delta 3 ester (delta delta (4-3)) [31].
  • Formation of octopus artificial pigments with both all-trans and 11-cis dihydro chromophores leads to a similar model for octopus rhodopsin and metarhodopsin: there are two negative charges in the chromophore-binding site, one directly hydrogen bonded to the Schiff base nitrogen and a second near carbon-13 [32].
  • The absorption maxima of bovine artificial pigments formed by regenerating opsin with the 11-cis dihydro series of chromophores support a color regulation model for bovine rhodopsin in which the chromophore-binding site of the protein has two negative charges: one directly hydrogen bonded to the Schiff base nitrogen and another near carbon-13 [32].
  • Multinuclear magnetic resonance studies of the 2Fe.2S* ferredoxin from Anabaena species strain PCC 7120. 2. Sequence-specific carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 resonance assignments of the oxidized form [33].
  • These changes can be observed with water-suppressed proton (H-1) and carbon-13 (C-13) nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and gas chromatography [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of methane


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