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Gene Review

clpC  -  endopeptidase

Staphylococcus aureus RF122

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Associations of clpC with chemical compounds

  • In this study, clinical thymidine-dependent SCVs displayed altered expression of citB, clpC, and arcA genes, reduced acetate catabolization, and enhanced survival [21].
  • In contrast with the fragment produced by elastase, which was inactive, the fragments resulting from V8 proteinase and proline-specific endopeptidase treatment retained activity [22].
  • Two other proteases (mouse submaxillaris protease and lysyl endopeptidase) with specificities similar to trypsin generated a distribution of GTF-S peptides that was also greatly enriched in the glucan-binding peptide [23].
  • Lysostaphin is an endopeptidase that cleaves the pentaglycine cross-bridges of the staphylococcal cell wall rapidly lysing the bacteria [24].
  • In conclusion, our results demonstrate that sprE encodes a highly specific serine-type glutamyl endopeptidase, the maturation of which is dependent on the presence of gelatinase [16].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of clpC


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