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Gene Review

Eaf2  -  ELL associated factor 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW048865, ELL-associated factor 2, Ehrlich S-II transcriptional activator factor, FESTA-L, FESTA-S, ...
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Disease relevance of Eaf2


High impact information on Eaf2


Chemical compound and disease context of Eaf2

  • These observations suggest that U19 is growth inhibitory and tumor suppressive and that the disruption of androgen-dependent growth inhibition via U19 down-regulation is commonly associated with prostate cancer progression [1].

Biological context of Eaf2

  • Sikela; (2) Regional Differences in the Regulation of Brain Gene Expression: Relevance to the Detection of Genes Associated with Alcohol-Related Traits, by Robert Hitzemann; (3) Identification of Ethanol Quantitative Trait Loci Candidate Genes by Expression Profiling in Inbred Long Sleep/Inbred Short Sleep Congenic Mice, by Robnet T [4].

Anatomical context of Eaf2

  • These seminal neurodevelopmental issues have been examined using a series of clonally derived neural stem/progenitor cell lines established by retroviral transduction of embryonic (E16.5-E17.5) murine hippocampal and cerebellar cells using temperature-sensitive alleles (A58/U19) of the simian virus (SV) 40 large tumor (T) antigen [5].

Associations of Eaf2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Eaf2


Regulatory relationships of Eaf2

  • Furthermore, deletion of the C-terminal tail of FESTA dramatically reduced its trans-activating ability and abolished its interaction with S-II [6].

Other interactions of Eaf2

  • FESTA is expressed specifically in kidney and spleen, supporting our notion that S-II participates in gene-specific regulation [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Eaf2

  • Expression of U19 in xenograft prostate tumors markedly induced apoptosis and inhibited tumor growth in vivo [1].


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