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Gene Review

Cdh8  -  cadherin 8

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI851472, Cadherin-8, cad8
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Disease relevance of Cdh8


High impact information on Cdh8


Biological context of Cdh8

  • The deduced amino acid sequence of the mature form of mCad8 shows 98.2% identity with the sequence of human cadherin-8 [5].
  • In contrast, during embryonic development the dorsolateral claustrum, the basolateral amygdalar nucleus, and the posterolateral cortical amygdalar area do not express or show weak expression of Neurogenin 2 or Semaphorin 5A, but express selectively and strongly Cadherin 8 plus Emx1, and may be derivatives of the lateral pallium [6].

Anatomical context of Cdh8


Associations of Cdh8 with chemical compounds

  • Menthol selectively increased the frequency of the slow mEPSCs in cad8+/- slices, but this effect was abolished in cad8-/- slices [9].

Other interactions of Cdh8


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