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Gene Review

Trim63  -  tripartite motif containing 63, E3...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase TRIM63, MuRF-1, MuRF1, Murf, Murf1, ...
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Disease relevance of Trim63

  • At various time points after induction of sepsis, mRNA levels for MuRF1 and atrogin-1/MAFbx were determined in extensor digitorum longus muscles by real-time PCR [1].
  • MafBx and Murf are two new rat E3 ubiquitin ligases induced in muscle atrophy [2].
  • LPS (750 microg/100 g body weight) induces MafBx and Murf mRNA (respectively, 23-fold and 33-fold after 12 h; P<0.001) [2].

High impact information on Trim63


Chemical compound and disease context of Trim63


Biological context of Trim63


Anatomical context of Trim63

  • Induction of MafBx and Murf ubiquitin ligase mRNAs in rat skeletal muscle after LPS injection [2].
  • Significant correlations were found between expression of MURF-1 messenger RNA, diaphragm force, and type IIx/b fiber dimensions [4].

Associations of Trim63 with chemical compounds

  • In summary, MafBx and Murf mRNA are up-regulated in response to LPS and might play a role in the muscle proteolysis observed [2].
  • RE selectively altered the expression of different components of this pathway: MAFbx, Murf-1, and ubiquitin mRNA abundance were downregulated, whereas C2 and C9 subunits remained elevated [9].
  • The aim of this study was to examine the effect of polyethylene glycol linked to soluble TNFRI (PEG-sTNFRI) on gene expression of the atrogens MuRF-1 and MAFbx in skeletal muscle of arthritic rats [10].

Other interactions of Trim63

  • Expression of genes encoding components of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway of protein degradation were elevated with HS, including ubiquitin, MAFbx, Murf-1, Nedd4, and XIAP, and proteasome subunits C2 and C9 [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trim63

  • In cell culture experiments the potency of TNF-alpha to stimulate Murf-1/MAFbx expression, the intracellular signaling pathway, and the involvement of the E3-ligases for the impairment of contractility were assessed [3].


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