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Gene Review

SLC2A3  -  solute carrier family 2 (facilitated...

Bos taurus

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High impact information on SLC2A3


Biological context of SLC2A3

  • The gestational decline in relative contribution of GLUT-1 to cytochalasin binding, together with the greater developmental increases in GLUT-3 mRNA and protein, further suggests that the relative importance of GLUT-3 increases with gestational age [4].

Anatomical context of SLC2A3


Associations of SLC2A3 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of SLC2A3

  • Glut1, Glut3, Glut8, and SGLT-I were expressed in all stages studied [8].
  • We were able to detect small quantities of GLUT 3 in fetal liver and of GLUT 5 in postnatal liver [9].


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