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Gene Review

Slc2a3  -  solute carrier family 2 (facilitated...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA408729, AL023014, AL024341, AU040424, C78366, ...
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Disease relevance of Slc2a3


High impact information on Slc2a3


Biological context of Slc2a3


Anatomical context of Slc2a3

  • In some of the tumors and cell lines, p53, E-cadherin and Glut3 genes showed remarkable differences in allelic expression, one allele being poorly expressed [9].
  • The reported neuropil distribution of Glut3 seems to uphold its suggested role in synaptic energy provision and neurotransmitter synthesis.We conclude that the cellular and regional distributions of the glucose transporters in the rodent brain seem to be relevant to their corresponding functions [10].
  • The present study also reports novel localizations of the transporters such as the presence of Glut3 in neuronal perikarya, Glut4-labeled neurons in the CA3 of the hippocampus and the subiculum [10].

Associations of Slc2a3 with chemical compounds

  • These downstream genes included a previously-known gene (Glut-3: a gene for a glucose transporter) and novel genes (226, 383 and 880) [5].

Other interactions of Slc2a3

  • The differentially expressed cDNA clones represent mouse Glut-1 and Glut-3 [2].
  • Furthermore, the expression profiles of Glut-3, 226 and 383 during mouse development also overlapped that of Oct-3 [5].
  • These results indicated that the Tnfr, Gat1 and Glut3 genes were good positional candidates for the stroke susceptibility in SHRSP, suggesting that further evaluation of these genes by functional studies could prove useful [11].
  • Employing the primer extension and RNase protection assays, the transcription start site (denoted as +1) of the murine Glut 3 gene was localized to 305 base pairs (bp) 5' to the ATG translation start codon [4].
  • In the cerebellum, Glut3 shows subcellular localization to the base of the Purkinje cell bodies near the axon hillock [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Slc2a3


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