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Gene Review

Slc2a3  -  solute carrier family 2 (facilitated...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: GLUT-3, Glucose transporter type 3, brain, Glut-3, Glut3, Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 3
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Disease relevance of Slc2a3


Psychiatry related information on Slc2a3

  • After 3 days of water deprivation, the following parameters were measured in rats: (i) brain water content (apparent diffusion coefficient); (ii) local cerebral glucose utilization (LCGU) ([14C]deoxyglucose method) and (iii) densities of glucose transporters Glut1 and Glut3 (immunoautoradiography) [6].

High impact information on Slc2a3


Chemical compound and disease context of Slc2a3


Biological context of Slc2a3


Anatomical context of Slc2a3


Associations of Slc2a3 with chemical compounds

  • Increase of glucose transporter densities (Glut1 and Glut3) during chronic administration of nicotine in rat brain [15].
  • To determine whether the increased density of Glut3 is related to a change in glucose metabolism, the local cerebral metabolic rate of glucose (lCMR(glc)) was quantified by the 2-deoxyglucose method [3].
  • We suggest that those regional effects are explained, at least for a part, by the fact that central isoform glucose transporters (Glut1 and Glut3) are known to be more sensitive to pentobarbital than peripheral isoforms [16].

Regulatory relationships of Slc2a3

  • Glut 3 mRNA levels in STZ-treated and control fetal brain were equivalent and significantly less than levels of Glut 1 [9].

Other interactions of Slc2a3

  • To clarify factors inducing heterogeneous 18F-FDG distribution, we determined the intratumoral distribution of 18F-FDG by autoradiography (ARG) and compared it with the regional expression levels of glucose transporters Glut-1 and Glut-3 and hexokinase-II (HK-II) in a rat model of malignant tumor [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Slc2a3

  • Free-floating sections of fixed-frozen hippocampi were processed for quantitative immunohistochemistry of Glut3 [13].
  • This study is realised in rats by quantification of whole brain Glut3 and Glut4 mRNA in 14- and 19-day-old embryos (E14, E19), newborn (P0) and 7 postnatal-day-old rats (P7) by using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method [10].


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