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Gene Review

foxd3  -  forkhead box D3

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, fkd6, fkh6, forkhead-6, zgc:111934
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High impact information on foxd3

  • We demonstrate that decrement of the function of foxd3 and/or sox10, two genes important for the development and specification of neural crest, resulted in a reduction and/or loss of GnRH cells of the midbrain, as well as a reduction in the number of terminal nerve GnRH cells [1].
  • We show that msx1 expression is able to induce all other early neural crest markers tested (snail, slug, foxd3) at the time of neural crest specification [2].
  • We show that sym1 mutants have normal numbers of premigratory neural crest cells, but these cells express reduced levels of snai1b and sox10, implicating foxd3 as an essential regulator of these transcription factors in the premigratory neural crest [3].
  • Knocking down foxd3 with morpholino oligonucleotide (MO) resulted in a dramatic down-regulation of myf5 in somites and adaxial cells but not in the presomitic mesoderm [4].
  • On the other hand, myod expression remained unchanged in foxd3 morphants [4].

Biological context of foxd3


Anatomical context of foxd3


Associations of foxd3 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of foxd3

  • The loss of derivatives is preceded by a reduction in NC-expressed transcription factors, snail1b, sox9b, sox10, and a specific loss of foxd3 expression in NC progenitor cells [5].


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