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Gene Review

BM2  -  BM2 protein

Influenza B virus

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Disease relevance of BM2


High impact information on BM2

  • Eukaryotic coupled translation of tandem cistrons: identification of the influenza B virus BM2 polypeptide [5].
  • To understand the mechanism by which the BM2 protein is generated from influenza B virus RNA segment 7, a mutational analysis of the cloned DNA was performed and the altered DNAs were expressed in eukaryotic cells [5].
  • In an effort to explore its function, a number of BM2 mutant viruses were generated by using a reverse genetics technique [2].
  • To completely abolish BM2 expression, we generated a mutant M gene whose BM2 open reading frame was deleted [6].
  • Although this mutant was not able to replicate in normal MDCK cells, it did replicate in a cell line that we established which constitutively expresses BM2 [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of BM2


Biological context of BM2


Anatomical context of BM2


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