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Gene Review

umuC  -  UV mutagenesis and repair protein;...

Escherichia coli

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Disease relevance of umuC


High impact information on umuC

  • Along with the sequence homologies previously found within the UmuC-like protein family, these results indicate that the uncovered DNA polymerase activity may be a common feature of all these homologous proteins [6].
  • One component of the SOS response is a marked increase in mutation rate, dependent on RecA protein and the induced mutagenesis proteins UmuC and UmuD [7].
  • This enhanced mutation rate requires the action of the UmuD and UmuC proteins, which are induced as part of the SOS response to DNA damage [8].
  • Mutational analysis of the corresponding motif in UmuC showed that it is dispensable for induced mutagenesis, but that alterations in this motif result in loss of the cold-sensitive phenotype [9].
  • First, UmuD and UmuC together participate in a cell cycle checkpoint control; second, UmuD'(2)C enables translesion DNA replication over any remaining unrepaired or irreparable lesions in the DNA [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of umuC

  • These results suggest that genistein may interfere with expression of the SOS response, including the UmuC-mediated lesion bypass mechanism that is necessary for UV-mutagenesis and the generation of transversions by ENU in E. coli [11].
  • UmuC product contributes to the inhibition of dimer excision produced by thymine-less-amino acid-less pretreatment in UV-irradiated Escherichia coli [12].

Biological context of umuC


Associations of umuC with chemical compounds

  • A multicopy plasmid that expressed UmuC at physiological levels was constructed and randomly mutagenized in vitro by exposure to hydroxylamine [17].
  • Despite these observations, mutagenesis by nitracrine appears to be independent of the UmuC gene product, and hence nitracrine differs from most (but not all) other chemicals which generate mutations via the SOS response [18].
  • Data suggest that the UmuC gene product is not absolutely necessary for the inhibition of dimer excision in UV-irradiated thymine-less-amino acid-less pretreated cells, but that it contributes to it [12].
  • Recently, we discovered that the intracellular levels of the UmuD and UmuC proteins are kept to a minimum by the Lon serine protease [19].


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