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Gene Review

alpha-Cat  -  alpha Catenin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG17947, CT39986, Catenin alpha, Dalpha-Cat, Dalpha-cat, ...
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High impact information on alpha-Cat


Biological context of alpha-Cat


Anatomical context of alpha-Cat

  • Here we show interactions between Drosophila Rho1 and the adherens junction components alpha-catenin and p120(ctn) [10].
  • Genes such as egalitarian, Bicaudal D, stonewall, and encore are important for oocyte determination, while differential adhesion between the oocyte and its surrounding prefollicle cells, as mediated by armadillo, alpha-catenin, shotgun, and the spindle genes, is crucial for oocyte translocation [11].
  • In this study, we constructed Dalpha-catenin fused with a green fluorescent protein (Dalpha-catenin-GFP), and found that it targeted apically located AJ-based contacts but not other lateral contacts in epithelial cells of living Drosophila embryos [12].
  • Roles of Armadillo, a Drosophila catenin, during central nervous system development [13].
  • Using Xenopus embryos we show by expression of murine p120cas1B (mp120cas1B) in ventral blastomeres that this catenin cannot replace beta-catenin function in dorsal axis formation [14].

Associations of alpha-Cat with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of alpha-Cat

  • The alpha-catenin binding site is fully encoded within exon 3 of plakoglobin but only partially represented in Armadillo repeat 1 [7].

Other interactions of alpha-Cat

  • Therefore, we utilized the two hybrid system and confirmatory co-immunoprecipitations to identify a novel catenin, termed gamma-catenin, which interacts with PS1 and is principally expressed in brain [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of alpha-Cat


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