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Gene Review

SHC3  -  SHC (Src homology 2 domain containing)...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: N-Shc, NSHC, Neuronal Shc, Protein Rai, RAI, ...
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Disease relevance of SHC3

  • Analysis of the phosphorylation status of Shc3 in human glioblastoma tumor samples in vivo indicates that it is tyrosine phosphorylated [1].
  • Shc3 affects human high-grade astrocytomas survival [1].
  • Finally, we found that the expression of truncated variants of Shc3 with dominant-negative effects in human high-grade glioma cells that maintain Shc3 expression in vitro leads to a decreased Akt posphorylation and increased apoptosis, thus resulting in impaired survival of the transfected cells [1].
  • METHODS: Hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC) from 31 cases were divided into small HCC (SHCC), nodular HCC (NHCC) and solitary large HCC (SLHCC) according to tumor diameter and the number of nodes [2].
  • The incidences of tumor capsule breaking and cancerous thrombosis were 16% and 20% respectively in SHCC, significantly lower than 84% and 80% in LHCC (P less than 0.01) [3].

High impact information on SHC3

  • Another pool of Grit was recruited to the activated receptor tyrosine kinase through its binding to N-Shc and CrkL/Crk, adapter molecules downstream of activated receptor tyrosine kinases [4].
  • In the peripheral nervous system, transcripts of Shc and Sck, but not of N-Shc, were detected [5].
  • RAI, also named ShcC/N-Shc, one of the members of the Shc proteins family, is a substrate of the RET receptor tyrosine kinase [6].
  • Under normal conditions Shc3 is never expressed by glial cells [1].
  • Previous studies showed that in the embryo, Shc1 is maximally expressed in dividing CNS stem cells while it is silenced in mature neurons, where it is replaced by Shc3 [1].

Associations of SHC3 with chemical compounds

  • As further support, we found that nicotine administered through infusion increased the Shc3 mRNA level by 60% in the rat striatum, and decreased it by 22% in the nucleus accumbens (NA) [7].

Biological context of SHC3


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