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Gene Review

SMARCAD1  -  SWI/SNF-related, matrix-associated actin...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ADERM, ATP-dependent helicase 1, DKFZP762K2015, DKFZp762K2015, ETL1, ...
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Disease relevance of SMARCAD1

  • To ascertain whether this new vasoconstrictor has any effect on regulation of the cerebral circulation, we measured plasma ETL-1 concentrations in patients undergoing carotid revascularization and attempted to correlate the variations of venous and arterial plasma ETL-1 with the characteristics of the procedure, including cerebral vasospasm [1].

High impact information on SMARCAD1


Biological context of SMARCAD1


Anatomical context of SMARCAD1


Associations of SMARCAD1 with chemical compounds

  • A human blood type A hemagglutinating activity was detected in albumin gland extracts of Epiphragmophora trenquelleonis snail separated by GalNAc-agarose affinity chromatography, of which two N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-binding lectins in the extracts were ETL1 was displaced from the affinity column with 1 mM GalNAc, and ETL2 with 20 mM GalNAc [8].
  • 4. We suggest that native ETL1 and ETL2 are glycoprotein complexes with molecular weights of 59-54 kDa, composed of two 29-22-kDa nonreduced protein subunits held together by noncovalent hydrophobic interactions [8].
  • By Western blot analyses developed with biotin-labeled lectins, N-linked oligosaccharides were detected in the 17- and 16-kDa protein subunits of ETL1 and ETL2, and in the 12-kDa protein subunit of ETL2 [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SMARCAD1

  • On isoelectric focusing both lectins exhibited microheterogeneity: ETL1 focused as three protein bands with pIs in the range of 5.6-6.0, while ETL2 focused as four protein bands with pIs in the range of 6.8-7 [8].
  • Gel filtration chromatography gave a native molecular weight of about 59 kDa for ETL1 and about 54 kDa for ETL2 [8].


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