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Gene Review

SHD  -  Src homology 2 domain containing...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: SH2 domain-containing adapter protein D
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Disease relevance of SHD

  • By comparing the C-terminal part of these proteins, we defined a novel protein domain, which we termed SHD for "StAR Homology Domain". Of the 93 primary invasive breast carcinomas that were examined, 14 were found to over-express MLN64 [1].
  • In this study, we compare a daily with a standard 3 times/week dialysis rhythm (DHD and SHD, respectively) in correcting some protein glycation indices in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients [2].
  • The results indicate that SHD 386L is likely to be protective to the skeleton through inhibition of bone resorption and that such actions are attributable to the estrogen component [3].
  • Patients were divided into those with (SHD) and without structural heart disease (NSHD) [4].
  • Intra-dialysis hypotension episodes did not differentiate between SHD and DHD [5].

Psychiatry related information on SHD

  • CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: Patients with SHD may not be able to adapt their cardiac performance to an emotional stress such as a dental appointment, while it seems to be easier for MHD and TRAN patients [6].

High impact information on SHD

  • We further found that WAVE isoforms localized at the filopodial tips through SHD (SCAR homology domain), next to its leucine zipper-like motif [7].
  • Diabetic patients on SHD showed similar levels of glycation indexes as non-diabetic patients, except for the early product furosine that was notably higher [2].
  • FVII activity increased in both groups, achieving statistical significance (P less than 0.01) by cycle 6 in the SHD 415G group but not in the females receiving Logynon [8].
  • Subjects received either Logynon (ethinyl oestradiol and Levonorgestrol, n = 14) or SHD 415G (Schering U.K., n = 12), which contains a similar dosage of ethinyl oestradiol, but in combination with a new progestogen, gestodene [8].
  • Intact PTH did not change in SHD, but decreased in DHD and LNHD [9].

Biological context of SHD

  • We have also used a high-resolution image transferring system, such as SHD (2000 pixelsx2000 pixels resolution) system on one side, and an economical telemedicine system using JAVA and a WWW browser (NCC_image) on the other side [10].
  • In contrast, in SHD patients, stable 24-h blood pressure and reduction in LVMI were achieved on the expense of an increasing amount of antihypertensive medication and with worsening of FS [9].
  • The above biochemical evidence for skeletal protection will require to be supplemented by prospective biophysical evidence of the effect of SHD 386L on bone mineral density [3].
  • Short term effects of SHD 386L and levonorgestrel on bone and mineral metabolism in the postmenopause: a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial [3].
  • The metabolic effects of a new oral contraceptive Femodene (SHD 356C) containing 75 micrograms gestodene (delta-15-levonorgestrel) and 30 micrograms ethinyloestradiol were studied in two groups of women [11].

Anatomical context of SHD


Associations of SHD with chemical compounds

  • The pre-dialysis level of protein-linked pentosidine was significantly lower in DHD than in SHD (DHD = 16.12 +/- 4.71 pmol/mg protein, SHD = 22.64 +/- 6.86 pmol/mg protein, p < 0.01) [13].

Other interactions of SHD

  • EPO resistance index fell in LNHD, but increased in DHD and SHD [9].
  • Managing TRAN patients is relatively easier than managing SHD patients [6].
  • This paper discusses how we devised an integrated environment for managing and operating distributed an SHD image database to support Telemedicine linking with ATM, with INS-1500, and with dial-up IP connection [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SHD

  • METHODS: We evaluated 10 non-diabetic patients on standard hemodialysis (SHD = 3 x 4 h/week) for more than 6 months by a crossover study [13].
  • Forty-five healthy postmenopausal women participated in a study designed to examine the effects on bone and mineral metabolism of SHD 386L, a new hormone replacement therapy (HRT) regime [3].
  • Patients not willing to change their dialysis regime were asked to participate as control group (SHD) [9].
  • BACKGROUND: Despite increasing numbers of patients receiving hemodialysis in satellite units (SHD), the economic aspects have not been widely explored [15].
  • At the end of 6 months of SHD and 6 months of DHD in a sequence of randomly assigned 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring, echocardiography and bioimpedance were performed [16].


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