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Gene Review

XPO5  -  exportin 5

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Exp5, Exportin-5, KIAA1291, RANBP21, Ran-binding protein 21
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High impact information on XPO5


Biological context of XPO5


Anatomical context of XPO5

  • The knockdown of Drosophila exportin-5 in cultured cells decreased the amounts of tRNA as well as miRNA, whereas the knock down of human exportin-5 in cultured cells affected only miRNA but not tRNA levels [9].

Associations of XPO5 with chemical compounds

  • Exp5 binds correctly processed pre-miRNAs directly and specifically, in a Ran guanosine triphosphate-dependent manner, but interacts only weakly with extended pre-miRNAs that yield incorrect miRNAs when processed by Dicer in vitro [10].
  • Of the five expansin genes expressed in control roots, two alpha-expansins (Exp1 and Exp5) and two beta-expansins (ExpB2 and ExpB8) are expressed specifically in the growing region, whereas expression of beta-expansin ExpB6 is shifted basipetally [11].

Physical interactions of XPO5


Regulatory relationships of XPO5


Other interactions of XPO5

  • Together, these data suggest that JAZ is exported by exportin-5 but translocates back into nuclei by a facilitated diffusion mechanism [5].
  • Formation of this complex is facilitated by the ability of both exportin-5 and ILF3 to mutually increase their apparent affinity for VA1 RNA [6].
  • These results indicate that double-stranded RNA binding ability is an inherited functional characteristic of the exportin-5 orthologues and that Drosophila exportin-5 functions as an exporter of tRNAs as well as pre-miRNAs in the fruit fly that lacks the orthologous gene for exportin-t [9].
  • Exportin-5, an evolutionarily conserved nuclear export factor belonging to the importin-beta family of proteins, is known to play a role in the nuclear export of small noncoding RNAs such as precursors of microRNA, viral minihelix RNA and a subset of tRNAs in mammalian cells [9].
  • The discrepancy between pri-miRNA and miR expression following overload was not explained by a change in the expression of components of the miRNA biogenesis pathway, since Drosha and Exportin-5 transcript levels were significantly increased by 50% in response to functional overload, whereas Dicer expression remained unchanged [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of XPO5


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