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Gene Review

BTN1A1  -  butyrophilin, subfamily 1, member A1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BT, BTN, BTN1, Butyrophilin subfamily 1 member A1
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Disease relevance of BTN1A1


High impact information on BTN1A1


Biological context of BTN1A1

  • Since milk composition changes throughout lactation time, 2-DE maps in the pH range 4-7 of colostral MFGM and mature MFGM were compared, showing only slight differences in BTN spot distribution [4].
  • The bovine butyrophilin encoding gene (BTN) maps to chromosome 23 [5].

Anatomical context of BTN1A1

  • A retrospective study, the patients were grouped into: Group 1 neoplastic (n = 55) subdivided into: primary tracheal malignancy (PTM, 16), secondary tracheal malignant (STM, 38), benign tracheal neoplasia (BTN, 1); 21 patients in this group had tracheal patch grafts made of Marlex mesh and pericardium; six had a bifurcation resection [6].

Associations of BTN1A1 with chemical compounds

  • There were differences before and after treatment only in bioavailable T (BT), with none in the levels of total T (TT) [7].
  • There was a strong correlation before and after treatment in the levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, and a weak negative correlation between gonadotrophins and BT [7].
  • The four groups were saline-instilled with the control diet (BCD), bleomycin-instilled with the diet containing taurine and niacin (BTN), and saline-instilled with the diet containing taurine and niacin (STN) [8].

Other interactions of BTN1A1

  • In the BT3 subfamily, only BT3.3 has the structural organization of BT [9].
  • Among 70 spots, analyzed and identified by MALDI-MS, 13 spots were identified as BTN spots and only one as a fragment of BTN2A1 [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BTN1A1

  • Using immunofluorescence, we showed surface expression of BTN-green fluorescent protein fusions in mammalian cell transfectants [3].
  • Competition assays with BT-R1 prepared from larval M. sexta midguts and transiently expressed in cell culture reveal virtually identical affinities for the Cry1Aa, Cry1Ab, and Cry1Ac toxins, clearly demonstrating the absolute specificity of the receptor for toxins of the lepidopteran-specific Cry1A family [1].


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