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Gene Review

GSH2  -  glutathione synthetase 2

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: AtGSH2, F21A20.90, F21A20_90, GLUTATHIONE SYNTHETASE, GSHB
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High impact information on GSH2


Biological context of GSH2


Anatomical context of GSH2

  • As expected, the large (but less abundant) transcript encoded a plastidic GSH2 protein, whereas GSH2 synthesized from the shorter transcript was targeted to the cytosol [4].

Associations of GSH2 with chemical compounds

  • Differential targeting of GSH1 and GSH2 is achieved by multiple transcription initiation: implications for the compartmentation of glutathione biosynthesis in the Brassicaceae [4].
  • These data strongly suggest that the GSH2 gene encodes a bifunctional enzyme that is able to catalyse both the synthesis of GSH by adding glycine to the dipeptide (gammaGlu-Cys) and the synthesis of phytochelatins [7].

Other interactions of GSH2

  • In vitro enzyme assays showed that the cad2-1 mutant has 40% of wild-type levels of GCS activity but is unchanged in the activity of the second enzyme in the pathway, GSH synthetase [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GSH2


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