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Gene Review

SSL2  -  TFIIH/NER complex ATPase/helicase subunit...

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: DNA repair helicase RAD25, General transcription and DNA repair factor IIH subunit RAD25, LOM3, RAD25, Suppressor of stem-loop mutation 2, ...
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Disease relevance of SSL2


High impact information on SSL2


Biological context of SSL2

  • We present genetic evidence suggesting that the DNA-repair function of SSL2 protein is not dependent on its essential function [5].
  • It was established that the uvs112 mutation caused a 2.5-fold reduction in the number of recombinants produced by conversion and also significantly increased the frequency of mitotic crossing-over in interplasmid recombination [6].
  • Tetrad analysis placed the UVS112 gene on the left arm of chromosome IX, approximately 20 cM from HIS5 [6].
  • The SSL2 protein has a high degree of amino acid sequence identity to the protein encoded by the human ERCC3 gene (Gulyas, K. D., and Donahue, T. F. (1992) Cell 69, 1031-0142) [7].
  • We examined several yeast strains with different mutations in the essential SSL2 (Suppressor of Stem Loop, also called RAD25) gene for their ability to remove cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers from expressed genes, and from the genome overall [7].

Associations of SSL2 with chemical compounds

  • DNA unwinding was probed with an in vivo permanganate reactivity assay, in a temperature-sensitive mutant of RAD25 [8].
  • However, the role of Ssl2 (Rad25) in cisplatin sensitivity has not been examined [9].

Physical interactions of SSL2


Regulatory relationships of SSL2

  • Multiple mutant alleles of SSL2 exhibited a pronounced growth defect when co-expressed with a mutant allele of Hsp90 [10].

Other interactions of SSL2


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