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Gene Review

CAM1  -  Cam1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: CPBP, Calcium and membrane-binding protein 1, Calcium phospholipid-binding protein, EF-1-gamma 1, Elongation factor 1-gamma 1, ...
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High impact information on CAM1

  • In a mutant yeast strain lacking the CPBP-encoding gene, the ability to overexpress msrA mRNA and MsrA protein was impaired and MsrA catalytic activity was greatly reduced, suggesting that CPBP may enhance msrA gene expression [1].
  • By measuring CPBP cooperative binding to the msrA promoter, we have mapped the CPBP binding site to a 39-bp sequence at the 3' end of the promoter [1].
  • This gene, which is unique in the S. pombe genome and is named cam1, encodes 149 amino acids excluding the first methionine and is transcribed into mRNA of 1.2-kb length [2].
  • Spores bearing disrupted cam1 halt growth soon after germination and rarely carry out the first cell division, indicating that calmodulin does not exist in excess in those cells [2].
  • However, the second form of eEF1Bgamma encoded by the TEF4 gene contains serine 11, which may act catalytically [3].

Biological context of CAM1


Anatomical context of CAM1

  • Immunocytochemical studies showed that D3R and eEF1Bgamma form clusters on the plasma membrane and their co-localization was evident in these clusters [7].

Associations of CAM1 with chemical compounds


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