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Gene Review

VARS  -  valyl-tRNA synthetase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: G7A, Protein G7a, VARS1, VARS2, ValRS, ...
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Disease relevance of VARS


High impact information on VARS

  • As well, there was strong support for the monophyly (sensu Hennig) of Archaea. The valyl-tRNA synthetase gene from Tr. vaginalis clustered with other eukaryotic ValRS genes, which may have been transferred from the mitochondrial genome to the nuclear genome, suggesting that this amitochondrial trichomonad once harbored an endosymbiotic bacterium [3].
  • The results demonstrate that the NH2-terminal extension of valyl-tRNA synthetase is required for complex formation and that the enzyme-binding site(s) resides on the EF-1 delta subunit [4].
  • Reconstitution in vitro of the valyl-tRNA synthetase-elongation factor (EF) 1 beta gamma delta complex. Essential roles of the NH2-terminal extension of valyl-tRNA synthetase and of the EF-1 delta subunit in complex formation [4].
  • Our results are essentially in agreement with those from a recent report (Motorin, Y., Wolfson, A., Orlovsky, A., and Gladilin, K. (1988) FEBS Lett. 238, 262-264), according to which the polypeptides other than that assigned to valyl-tRNA synthetase correspond to the subunits of Elongation Factor 1H [5].
  • In addition to valyl-tRNA synthetase activity, which was assigned to the 140-kDa component, the purified complex exhibits a potent Elongation Factor 1 activity, determined by its ability to sustain poly(U)-dependent polyphenylalanine synthesis in the presence of Elongation Factor 2 [5].

Biological context of VARS


Anatomical context of VARS

  • The isolation of the valyl-tRNA synthetase mutant reported here brings to eight the number of different aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase mutants isolated in the CHO cell line [11].

Associations of VARS with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of VARS


Other interactions of VARS


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VARS


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