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Gene Review

ZBTB22  -  zinc finger and BTB domain containing 22

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BING1, Protein BING1, ZBTB22A, ZNF297, ZNF297A, ...
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Disease relevance of ZBTB22

  • Primary cardiac diagnoses included TGA with intact ventricular septum (TGA/IVS, n = 79, 63%), TGA with ventricular septal defect (TGA/VSD, n = 37, 30%), and Taussig Bing Anomaly (TBA, n = 9, 7%) [1].
  • Patients with the Bing Neel type of Waldenström's macroglobulinemia often present with global neurological symptoms [2].
  • Three patients had associated lesions including tetralogy of Fallot, Taussig Bing heart, and mitral stenosis [3].
  • Results indicate the Rinne, Weber and Bing Occlusion tests do not accurately predict the type of hearing impairment as frequently as the literature suggests [4].
  • A diarrhoeal outbreak among adults in China was caused by a new rotavirus, termed ADRV-N, that does not react with antisera directed against group A, B or C rotaviruses [Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi (Chin. Epidemiol.) 19 (1998) 336] [5].

High impact information on ZBTB22

  • The Bing packaging cell line was used for amphotropic virus production [6].
  • We also present evidence for the coexistence of several copies of fru in the grasshopper genome [7].
  • In fruit flies, the gene fruitless (fru) governs the establishment of the potential for male sexual behavior [7].
  • Under normal physiological conditions, the plasma concentrations of reduced and oxidized thiols are such that a major fraction of alpha 1-PI in the circulation in vivo is in the form of mixed disulfides [Laurell, C.-B. (1979) in The Chemistry and Physiology of Human Plasma Proteins (Bing, D. H., Ed.) pp 329-341, Pergamon, New York] [8].
  • To assess the physiologic effects of cherry consumption, we measured plasma urate, antioxidant and inflammatory markers in 10 healthy women who consumed Bing sweet cherries [9].

Biological context of ZBTB22

  • The 2.8-kb genomic fragment that complemented the Car- defect of CR17 and overlapped the fru operon (S. Chattopadhyay, A. Mukherjee, and S. Ghosh, J. Bacteriol. 175:3240-3243, 1993) has now been completely sequenced [10].
  • Bone conduction thresholds did not change significantly during the Bing test in any patient [11].

Anatomical context of ZBTB22

  • Therefore, we conclude that global neurological symptoms in the Bing Neel type of Waldenström's macroglobulinemia like generalized seizures can result from an impairment of glial cells electrophysiological functions [2].
  • Very rarely, it is due to a central nervous system localization, the so-called Bing Neel Syndrome [12].
  • We therefore performed the Bing test on nine patients with this syndrome to evaluate whether it is associated with an air-bone gap or middle ear dysfunction [11].
  • Hearing loss in patients with enlarged vestibular aqueduct: air-bone gap and audiological Bing test [11].
  • The Bing test with the tuning fork placed either on the mastoid or the vertex showed a transition point from Bing positive to negative at approximately 9 dB air-bone gap [13].

Associations of ZBTB22 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZBTB22


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