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Mitral Valve Stenosis

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Chemical compound and disease context of Mitral Valve Stenosis

  • CBV for adults with aortic and mitral stenosis is investigational at the present time and should usually be performed within the guidelines of clinical investigation [11].
  • METHODS AND RESULTS: We measured plasma concentrations of endothelin-1, angiotensin II, and thrombomodulin in blood samples obtained from the right and left atria of 10 consecutive patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis (mean age, 55 years; range, 39 to 68) who were undergoing percutaneous mitral valvuloplasty [8].
  • Dobutamine stress echocardiography for noninvasive assessment and risk stratification of patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis [12].
  • Effect of nitroglycerin during hemodynamic estimation of valve orifice in patients with mitral stenosis [13].
  • OBJECTIVES: To clarify whether myocardial adrenergic activity is different in patients with heart failure without left ventricular volume or pressure overload, we used iodine-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) imaging to study patients with mitral stenosis [14].

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