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  • A questionnaire was sent to the 590 members of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine to define both the current practices and the opinions of these specialists on various ethical issues [15].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Control of pain and other symptoms remains an important medical and ethical issue [16].
  • Much of the debate concerning the role of hydration in advanced cancer has centered on symptoms such as thirst, and ethical issues such as parenteral hydration and its association with prolongation of life, with the association between hydration status and delirium largely excluded [17].
  • Ethical issues regarding study designs used in serotonin-antagonist drug development [18].
  • We disagree strongly with these views of Mendel. Instead, we have come to regard him as an empirical investigator trying to discover the empirical natural laws describing the formation of hybrid peas and the development of their offspring over several generations [19].

Gene context of Ethics

  • Legal and ethical issues that are rightfully of public concern would not be infringed if RH genotyping will be attempted on a massive scale [20].
  • Ethical issues about scientific research in primitive populations deserve serious and wide discussion, but the IGES condemns the gross misrepresentation of the facts and demonization of the principal characters in this book [21].
  • The author briefly reviews the analysis by the JCB group and further examines how bioethical principles and theories relate to the numerous ethical issues raised by SARS and the methods used in its containment [22].
  • This paper presents an overview of ethical issues concerning IVF [23].
  • The understanding of ethical issues arising in the treatment of CF is crucial to providing optimal care [24].


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