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Hospitals, Military

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Disease relevance of Hospitals, Military


High impact information on Hospitals, Military

  • During a 13-month period, 9 patients with phencyclidine-induced psychosis were admitted to Darnall Army Hospital. They exhibited hostility agitation, and tangentiality and had delusions of influence and religious grandiosity [2].
  • We studied 181 consecutive non-smoking steroid-naive young male conscripts referred to military hospital because of respiratory symptoms suggesting asthma [3].
  • METHODS: S. aureus cultures from 57 military hospitals and clinics from 2001-2002 and 2003-2004 were compared for body site and antibiotic sensitivity, particularly the potentially inducible clindamycin-susceptible erythromycin-resistant pattern [4].
  • SETTING: Military Hospital, Ulm, Germany. METHODS: In a prospective, randomized study, we evaluated IOP following cataract surgery using two different viscoelastic substances (Healon, Healon GV) [5].
  • SETTING: Pilot Study I was conducted in 3 different units within a 100-bed U.S. Army hospital [6].

Biological context of Hospitals, Military

  • BACKGROUND: This study was carried out in Microbiology department of Army Medical College, Rawalpindi to find out the frequency of extended spectrum beta lactamase producing gram negative bacilli among clinical isolates recovered from clinical specimens received from Military Hospital, Rawalpindi [7].

Anatomical context of Hospitals, Military

  • It was in the quest of such an ideal dressing that the Burn Centre of the Army Hospital (Research and Referral) New Delhi, India has been using human amniotic membranes preserved long term in 85% glycerol for treating these wounds [8].
  • OBJECTIVE: This report aims at both estimation of the rates of overall nosocomial and urinary tract infection (UTI) and their linear trends as well as studying the potential risk factors of patients admitted to Al-Hada, Rehab and Prince Sultan military hospitals and developed nosocomial UTIs (NUTIs) [9].

Associations of Hospitals, Military with chemical compounds

  • From 1872 to 1885 he was a lecturer on diagnosis at the Women's Medical College and a consultant to the Nikolayev Military Hospital. In 1885 he became Professor of Diagnostic Medicine at Kiev University where he remained until his retirement in 1897 [10].
  • The patients were divided into 3 Groups. Group A (n=86) received a standard Military Hospital Ulm (MH) MRI--sagittal STIR TSE and PD TSE, coronal and transversal T2 FFE (TR=660 ms, TE=18 ms, FA=30 degrees, 512 matrix) [11].
  • Government liable for failure to monitor a patient's serum gentamicin concentration in an Army hospital [12].
  • To Nichol's, this was "not logically tenable" and in his study of 178 otherwise healthy, non-diabetic military men with tuberculosis at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, one-third had abnormal glucose screening tests [13].
  • Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 status were determined in 90 male heroin addicts admitted to Pramongkutklao Army Hospital. Their age (Mean +/- S.D.) was 25.5 +/- 7.8 years [14].

Gene context of Hospitals, Military


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hospitals, Military

  • The indications for and results of 243 upper gastro-intestinal endoscopies performed in the British Military Hospital in Dharan are reviewed [20].
  • They were followed in the CAPD units of Marmara University Hospital (n = 6), Gata Military Hospital (n = 2), and Goztepe SSK Hospital (n = 10, including the 5 pediatric patients) in Istanbul, and in Uludag University Hospital in Bursa (n = 6) and Kocaeli University Hospital in Izmit (n = 18) [21].


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