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Chemical Compound Review

Healon     sodium(2S,3S,4R,5R,6R)-3- [(2S,3R,4R,5R...

Synonyms: EUFLEXXA, Hyalovet, Hyladerm, Monovisc, Sinovial, ...
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Disease relevance of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


High impact information on NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


Chemical compound and disease context of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


Biological context of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


Anatomical context of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


Associations of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU with other chemical compounds


Gene context of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NAG-(3-1)GCU-(4-1)NAG-(3-1)GCU


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