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Disease relevance of Hemorrhoids


High impact information on Hemorrhoids


Chemical compound and disease context of Hemorrhoids

  • The diosmin and placebo groups, with 50 patients each, were comparable in age, sex, symptoms, and the severity of the underlying hemorrhoids [11].
  • Long-term results of large-dose, single-session phenol injection sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids [12].
  • In the treatment group rubber band ligation was performed at three columns of hemorrhoids, and 1 to 2 ml of 2 percent lignocaine was injected into the banded hemorrhoidal tissue [13].
  • METHODS: Ninety consecutive patients (50 males, 40 females), 80 percent of whom had second or third degree hemorrhoids, had ambulatory hemorrhoidectomy performed with a CO2 laser in the left lateral Sims position under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation [14].
  • Treatment of acute strangulated internal hemorrhoids by topical application of isosorbide dinitrate ointment [15].

Gene context of Hemorrhoids

  • For patients with internal hemorrhoids, the rate of positivity for fecal Lf was significantly higher than that for FOB [16].
  • CONCLUSION: Large-dose, single-session sclerotherapy provides only short-term benefits in the majority of patients with symptomatic hemorrhoids [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hemorrhoids


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