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Disease relevance of Mediastinoscopy


High impact information on Mediastinoscopy

  • RESULTS: EGFR expression determined on 138 of 164 patients who underwent mediastinoscopy or mediastinostomy was 0 (22 patients), 1+ (27 patients), 2+ (28 patients), and 3+ (61 patients) [6].
  • In T2 and T3 patients, the ICER of routine mediastinoscopy was more favorable ($42,800 and $53,400 per QALY gained, respectively) [7].
  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: Following staging, including mediastinoscopy, 94 patients with inoperable LAD-NSCLC were treated preoperatively with chemotherapy (three courses of split-dose cisplatin and etoposide [PE]) followed by concurrent chemoradiotherapy (one course of PE combined with 45 Gy hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy) [8].
  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: Thirty-nine patients with mediastinoscopy stage IIIA N2 NSCLC received two cycles of MVP [9].
  • Cervical mediastinoscopy and anterior mediastinotomy in superior vena cava obstruction [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Mediastinoscopy


Anatomical context of Mediastinoscopy


Associations of Mediastinoscopy with chemical compounds


Gene context of Mediastinoscopy

  • Mediastinoscopy is indicated in patients with serum CEA concentrations > or = 5.0 ng/mL and maximum tumor dimension > or = 20 mm, and not indicated in patients with serum CEA concentrations < 5.0 ng/mL and maximum tumor dimension < 20 mm [16].
  • CONCLUSION: It was concluded that evaluation of CEA in addition to CT is of use in the diagnosis of N2 disease in NSCLC patients and should be used as an indication for mediastinoscopy [17].
  • Mediastinoscopy in superior vena cava obstruction: analysis of 80 consecutive patients [18].
  • Thirty-four patients with an aortic window lesion were carefully staged with gallium scans and mediastinoscopy according to the TNM classification system for carcinoma of the lung [19].
  • All patients underwent pretreatment evaluation at the university's Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Center. Most patients (87%) had complete mediastinoscopy staging, and all were believed to be poor candidates for up-front operation because of bulky extent of disease [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mediastinoscopy


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