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OctreoScan     2-[2-[[1-[[10-(4-aminobutyl)- 16-benzyl-4...

Synonyms: AC1MIXSA, MP-1727, LS-186657, D02108, 159201-00-0, ...
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  • The most frequently used peptides in the clinic are analogs of somatostatin (SRIF), e.g. OctreoScan, which contain chelators for the radioisotopes 111In, 86Y, 90Y, 67Ga, 68Ga and 64Cu or for 99mTc and 188Re. and were labelled with the halogens 123I and 18F [26].
  • Oncolytic vaccinia virus expressing the human somatostatin receptor SSTR2: molecular imaging after systemic delivery using 111In-pentetreotide [8].
  • SSTR2-infected tumors were visible on imaging 6 days after VV injection and could be visualized for up to 3 weeks post-viral injection using repeat injections of 111In-pentetreotide [8].
  • Nevertheless, DOTATOC was clearly superior to the other DOTA-somatostatin analogs tested, as well as OctreoScan, as indicated by the highest tumor-to-nontarget-tissue ratio, including the tumor-to-SSTR-positive-tissue ratios [27].
  • In agreement with reports showing somatostatin receptors on the cell membrane of ectopically secreting ACTH tumours, scintigraphy was performed after intravenous injection of 111 MBq 111In-pentetreotide (OCT) [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DTPA-SMS


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