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Chemical Compound Review

Gallium-73     gallium

Synonyms: AC1O3U23, 73Ga, 15034-51-2, Gallium, isotope of mass 73
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Disease relevance of gallium


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Chemical compound and disease context of gallium


Biological context of gallium

  • Finally, the way in which gallium salts are currently being investigated as chemotherapeutic agents should be reevaluated in light of our findings concerning transferrin-gallium effects on cellular proliferation [16].
  • Treatment with gallium nitrate (100 mg/m2 daily for 5 days, intravenously in 5% glucose) significantly reduced serum calcium, serum phosphate, urinary calcium, and the ratio of maximum tubular reabsorption of phosphate to glomerular filtration rate in each patient [17].
  • Though bone is a target organ for gallium, the kinetics, sites, and effects of gallium accumulation in bone are not known [18].
  • After short-term in vivo administration of gallium nitrate to rats, trace (nanogram) amounts of gallium preferentially localized to the metabolically active regions in the metaphysis as well as the endosteal and periosteal surfaces of diaphyseal bone, regions where new bone formation and modeling were occurring [18].
  • Substitution and dimerization of the phthalocyanine monomer resulted in significant reductions in the saturation energy density of the material displaying clear evidence of the usefulness of structurally modifying the gallium phthalocyanine unit [19].

Anatomical context of gallium


Associations of gallium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of gallium

  • According to this view, a tumor-associated TF receptor is the functional unit responsible for the affinity of gallium for certain neoplasms [29].
  • After 59Fe-Tf uptake, R cells released greater amounts of 59Fe than gallium-sensitive (S) cells [30].
  • Transferrin receptor-dependent and -independent iron transport in gallium-resistant human lymphoid leukemic cells [30].
  • Neuroendocrine tumor targeting: study of novel gallium-labeled somatostatin radiopeptides in a rat pancreatic tumor model [31].
  • Because of similarities in the transport of gallium and iron and the use of (67)Ga scanning in lymphoid malignancies, we examined the effect of HFE expression on (67)Ga uptake [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gallium


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