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Neurotoxicity Syndromes

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  • We report the 1st case of capecitabine-induced toxic encephalopathy with epilepsy-like symptoms and diffuse white matter alterations on magnetic resonance imaging [12].
  • The findings indicate that long-term exposure to CS2 involves a risk of developing toxic encephalopathy, demonstrable on both neurological and neuropsychological examination [18].
  • Subjects with toxic encephalopathy of types 2A and 2B showed markedly lower P300 amplitudes than did controls in both paradigms [19].
  • The sensitivity to an experimental toxic encephalopathy was evaluated using measures of EEG and the Buschke Memory Selective Reminding Test after the administration of scopolamine hydrobromide, 0.86 mg subcutaneously, to three healthy volunteers [20].
  • The case illustrates the possibility of chronic toxic encephalopathy among patients with previous long-term exposure to CS2 [21].


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