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Disease relevance of Ultrasonics


Psychiatry related information on Ultrasonics


High impact information on Ultrasonics

  • When awake goats were subjected to isobaric gas switching from saturation (17 hours) on 4.7 atmospheres of nitrogen (0.3 atmosphere of oxygen) to 4.7 atmospheres of helium (0.3 atmosphere of oxygen), bubbles detected by 5-megahertz Doppler ultrasound in the posterior vena cava 20 to 60 minutes after the switch continued for 4 hours [8].
  • METHODS AND RESULTS: Using simultaneous intravascular two-dimensional and Doppler ultrasound, we examined the effect of intracoronary testosterone in coronary conductance and resistance arteries in 10 anesthetized dogs (5 male, 5 female) [9].
  • Effect of selective angiotensin II receptor antagonism and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition on the coronary vasculature in vivo. Intravascular two-dimensional and Doppler ultrasound studies [10].
  • These hemodynamic alterations, measured by MRI and Doppler ultrasound, were used in this study for the molecular imaging of Met activity in vivo [11].
  • Tumor-bearing BALB/C mice were i.v. injected with HGF/SF and imaged using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Doppler ultrasound [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ultrasonics


Biological context of Ultrasonics


Anatomical context of Ultrasonics

  • This study examined vasomotor responses to incremental blood flow induced by papaverine in the epicardial arteries of 10 patients with angiographically normal coronary arteries (group 1) and in 14 patients with arterial irregularities (group 2) using quantitative angiography and Doppler ultrasound flow velocity measurements [22].
  • METHODS: The effects of systemic intravenous adrenomedullin (3.2-16.0 pmol/[kg. min])) on choroidal blood flow were assessed by measurement of fundus pulsation amplitude and laser Doppler flow in the macula, and on blood flow in the ophthalmic artery by ultrasound Doppler flow in pilot studies (n = 7) [23].
  • 1. Beat-by-beat changes in cardiac performance in response to arterial baroreceptor stimulation induced by phenylephrine were evaluated by pulsed-wave aortic Doppler ultrasound in eighteen subjects [24].
  • Serial computed tomography with measurement of midline and septum pellucidum shift and data on the presence and location of vascular occlusion by angiography or Doppler ultrasound were obtained directly after admission [25].
  • 1. Superior mesenteric artery blood flow was examined by Doppler ultrasound in six male subjects aged 19-23 years during the infusion of saline (control), 10 and 40 ng of adrenaline min-1kg-1 for 30 min, or propranolol and 10 ng of adrenaline min-1kg-1 for 30 min, on four separate occasions [26].

Associations of Ultrasonics with chemical compounds

  • Assessment of coronary conductance and resistance vessel reactivity in response to nitroglycerin, ergonovine and adenosine: in vivo studies with simultaneous intravascular two-dimensional and Doppler ultrasound [27].
  • To evaluate its clinical usefulness, the recently introduced breath-holding maneuver as a carbon dioxide-dependent vasodilatory stimulus was compared with the acetazolamide challenge by means of transcranial Doppler ultrasound and stable xenon-enhanced computed tomography [28].
  • We compared the systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of nifedipine and lisinopril in 26 elderly hypertensive patients with the use of the pulsed Doppler ultrasound technique [29].
  • We have used it to examine the relations between the metabolites in the infarct (N-acetylaspartate [NAA] and lactate) and the time lapse from stroke to MRS, the presenting neurological deficit, infarct size and swelling (on MRI), blood flow to the infarct (estimated by transcranial Doppler ultrasound), and clinical outcome [30].
  • Color Doppler ultrasound measurements after topical and retrobulbar epinephrine in primate eyes [31].

Gene context of Ultrasonics


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ultrasonics


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