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Lateral Thalamic Nuclei

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High impact information on Lateral Thalamic Nuclei


Biological context of Lateral Thalamic Nuclei

  • The striate cortical projections cover approximately the lateral two-thirds of the lateral posterior nucleus, overlapping a small retinal terminal field, and naso-temporal axes in the visual field are represented onto the cortico-recipient zone in a mirror-symmetric direction to that of the adjoining DLGN [6].

Anatomical context of Lateral Thalamic Nuclei


Associations of Lateral Thalamic Nuclei with chemical compounds

  • The laminar distribution of cortical connections with the tecto- and cortico-recipient zones in the cat's lateral posterior nucleus [12].
  • These results suggest that transneuronal changes in the distribution of substance P in collicular neurons observed after enucleation could be reflected in their projections to the other primary visual centers and to the lateral posterior nucleus [7].
  • The 5-HT innervation of the lateral nuclear group as well as that of the medial and lateral geniculate nuclei ranged from very weak to dense [13].
  • RESULTS: Autoradiographic analysis revealed an increase in glucose utilization by several brain regions; the most consistent increase was found in the lateral posterior thalamic nucleus and pretectal region [14].
  • To determine if labeled cells in the dense band were also projection neurons, WGA-HRP was injected into the lateral posterior nucleus and these sections were double-labeled with the glutamate antibody [15].

Gene context of Lateral Thalamic Nuclei

  • The lateral dorsal nucleus of the bed nuclei of the stria terminalis (BST-LD) expresses dense oxytocin binding while lower binding is detected in the medial anterior BST (BST-MA) and adjacent ventrolateral septum (VLS) [16].
  • Some epileptic rats showed increased Zif268 immunoreactivity in neurons of the ipsilateral ventral lateral and central lateral thalamic nuclei and increased Zif268 and Fos-like immunoreactivity in the pontine nuclei [17].
  • The beta-actin mRNA level in ischemic controls was significantly increased in the dentate gyrus, habenular nucleus, and medial and lateral thalamic nuclei, where some afferent nerves project into the hippocampal pyramidal cells [18].
  • These activation of PKC differentiates between [3H]MK-801 binding of HAS and LAS rats in frontal cortex (layer II-IV and cingulate), caudate-putamen, and ventral lateral thalamic nuclei [19].
  • Injection of HRP into the lateral posterior nucleus labeled many neurons in the medial portion of the SO where medium-sized neurons with ADA immunoreactivity were concentrated [11].


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